Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pink diamond sold at $40 million in New York auction

Princie Diamond, one of the largest and pink diamonds in the world, was sold at a New York auction for $40 million!

The pink diamond is a 34.64 carat gem with a “fabulous provenance,” according to Christie’s jewelry chief Francois Curiel.

The bid came from an anonymous telephone caller who paid $39,323,750 for the Princie Diamond.

The pink stone was from the ancient diamond mines in southern India. It was once owned by the royal family of Hyderabad, and by the London branch of Van Cleef & Arpels since 1960.

Christie’s jewelry acquired the pink diamond for 46,000 pounds, which is equal to $1.3 million today.

The bid sets a new record for Christie’s auction. Before Princie Diamond, the most paid gem at the exclusive jewelry firm was the 31-carat Wittelsback diamond which was sold for $24.3 million in 2008.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Miranda Kerr a fallen angel?

Fallen Angel, that is now how many refer to Miranda Kerr, one of Victoria’s Secret most famous model.

Since last week, rumors have been going around that Victoria’s Secret did not renew its contract with Miranda Kerr because “she was difficult to work with and didn’t draw in as many sales as her fellow Angels.”

The gorgeous model came out in the open to clear things up and say her hide of the story.

In an interview, Miranda Kerr confirmed she no longer has a contract with Victoria's Secret. She said being an Angel was too time-consuming and it was taking away precious time away her son Flynn and her husband Orland Bloom.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gwiyomi Song going viral

So, after Gangnam Style another Korean song craze is spreading on the web and expected to bring more versions on YouTube the way Call Me Maybe and Harlem Shake did.

It’s the Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song, a digital single by South Korean artist Hari.

Many say that Gwiyomi means “cute” but as per this Wikipedia page, cute only refers to the last syllable mi. The first part Gwi can be translated as “ear” or “spoon.” Combined with the second syllable Gwiyo, it is a diminutive form of ear or spoon which means little ear or little spoon. So, the literal translation of Gwiyomi is “cute little ear” or “cute little spoon.”

Anyway, after the single was first released on February 18 of this year, it has garnered wide attention from netizens with many, yet again, uploading their own versions of Gwiyomi Song videos on YouTube.

Here is a compilation of the Gwiyomi Song videos on YouTube.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Emma Watson on the May 2013 issue of GQ

From the young student wizard in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson has grown up to be fine, pretty woman!

In the latest issue of the GQ UK, Emma Watson sizzles on the cover channeling Julia Roberts from the 1990’s classic movie Pretty Woman.

A far cry from the young lady in the Harry Potter series, the now 22-year old actress talks about her role as Nicki in her latest movie The Bling Ring.

Emma Watson said her character as Nicky is everything she felt strongly against – superficial, materialistic, vain, and amoral. She even said that she hated her, which made it even more interesting for her.

For more of Emma Watson and her interview, be sure to grab a copy of the May 2013 issue of British GQ.

Indeed, the little girl is now fully grown up!