Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Miranda Kerr a fallen angel?

Fallen Angel, that is now how many refer to Miranda Kerr, one of Victoria’s Secret most famous model.

Since last week, rumors have been going around that Victoria’s Secret did not renew its contract with Miranda Kerr because “she was difficult to work with and didn’t draw in as many sales as her fellow Angels.”

The gorgeous model came out in the open to clear things up and say her hide of the story.

In an interview, Miranda Kerr confirmed she no longer has a contract with Victoria's Secret. She said being an Angel was too time-consuming and it was taking away precious time away her son Flynn and her husband Orland Bloom.

She explained that she has been modelling since she was 13, and now that she already have a family, it’s time to set her priorities. She added, “I’m just not in a position to commit to a full contract at this time.”

Ed Razek, Victoria’s Secret president and chief marketing officer said Miranda Kerr will always be an Angel to him, in fact, he invited her to walk the runway in this year’s fashion show. Razek was happy that she agreed.

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