Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gwiyomi Song going viral

So, after Gangnam Style another Korean song craze is spreading on the web and expected to bring more versions on YouTube the way Call Me Maybe and Harlem Shake did.

It’s the Gwiyomi Song or Kwiyomi Song, a digital single by South Korean artist Hari.

Many say that Gwiyomi means “cute” but as per this Wikipedia page, cute only refers to the last syllable mi. The first part Gwi can be translated as “ear” or “spoon.” Combined with the second syllable Gwiyo, it is a diminutive form of ear or spoon which means little ear or little spoon. So, the literal translation of Gwiyomi is “cute little ear” or “cute little spoon.”

Anyway, after the single was first released on February 18 of this year, it has garnered wide attention from netizens with many, yet again, uploading their own versions of Gwiyomi Song videos on YouTube.

Here is a compilation of the Gwiyomi Song videos on YouTube.

Here's another one...

Okay, I think that's enough.

Do you find it cute? Would you be uploading your own version soon?

How long do you think this trend would last?

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